Maxi cruise bring you up to Cala Luna. 

We leave from the port of Santa maria Navarrese dock at 9 am and we come back at 5 pm. Along the coast you meet Pedralonga, After contemplating the waters of Baus, we continue until the cave of the Colombi where the queen’s hawks nest in season. We’ll make the first stop at the beach Cala Mariolu for about an hour and half.

After the stop at Cala Mariolu you go towards the “Piscine di Venere”, reachable only by sea, characterized by perfectly turquoise water and beautiful white semi-submerged rocks, and after we visit to Cala Luna. 

We start again at 14.30 towards the last stop of the excursion, Cala Biriala, where you can have another swim on the white, sandy beach, for about an hour.

As an alternative to Cala Biriala, it is possible to visit the characteristic Grotta del Fico, the last refuge of the monk seal in the Mediterranean Sea, at a negligible extra cost (8 €), 

During the return, there is still time for the latest photos and the last bath into the spectacular crystal clear waters of Goloritzè, a body of water with bright colors that change from turquoise to esmerald green.

The excursion will end with the return to the Port of Santa Maria Navarrese at about 17. 



You can choose the excursion that is the best adapted to your needs, in the most beautiful beaches of Italy